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Pool Features

With Inground Pools of Paradise our Dallas pool team offers a large selection of perimeter and also inlay tile for your pool. It is an attractive way to emphasize your pools borders, stairs, and seat. Our team uses NPT (national pool tile) which prides themselves on quality and diversity of their product in a commitment to maintain the highest level of customer service (below tile photo). Our pool team also offers mosaics from Artistry in Mosaics Inc. which will help your pool stand out giving it a custom look. There are many different options. Visit the Artistry in Mosaics Inc webpage to see the styles offered here.

Water Features

Our Dallas pool team offers a large variety of water features for your pool. Everything from cascades to streams and misters, vanishing edges, deck jets, spillovers, aromatherapy, and custom water falls.


Many different choices of concrete are available for your pool. Everything from a broomed finish, cantilever edges, stamped concrete wit various patterns, coping selections, along with acrylic (feels cooler) colors. Ask your backyard designer about different options.


Inground Pools of Paradise offers custom packages for customers who have specific equip in mind. Our preferred package would include Hayward pool products which offers equip from pumps, to filters, heaters, and much more. Hayward offers superior quality with a 1 to 3 year warranty on all its equipment. Please consult your salesmen about the warranty and what options are available for your pool or spa. You can visit the Hayward Pool Equipment website to learn more about their products.


Inground Pools of Paradise offers many different types of lighting for your new pool needs.

Jandy WaterColors LED

Our Dallas pool team proudly offers the Jandy Watercolor led light system. The Jandy watercolor light system is an option that Viking Pools offers on their pools from the factory. It is built into the pool when shipped. The water colors led is an energy efficient pool and spa light that provides the finest brightest colors for your pool and spa with less than 50watts of power. Utilizing color kinetic technology, Jandy led lighting saturates your pool and spa with their vibrant primary colors emerald green, magenta, and cobalt blue as well as six blended water colors like Caribbean blue and violet. For a change of pace, choose from five color shows such as festive fat Tuesday, or America the beautiful. Read more about the Jandy watercolor LED lighting system on their website here.

Fiberstars Pal 2000 LED

IPOP also offers the pal 2000 led by Fiberstar. It is by far, our most popular. We offer both color and white options.

Fiberstar Pal Treo

The Pal Treo provides a totally new concept in underwater pool/spa and aquatic landscape lighting design. Utilizing new molding materials it has been possible to produce a compact light fitting with unique features that are not currently available from any other existing pool or spa lighting product.

  • Compact in size perfect for both pools and spas
  • Evenglow light distribution which is created by a unique prismatic lens design
  • LED color changing six colors with disco mode fully synchronized
  • Long lamp life at 100,000 hours
  • Self aligning extraction system that allows the light to be removed without the use of any tools

Fiberstars Illuminator 6000 Fiber Optics Lighting system.

Fiberstars Illuminator 6000 fiber optics lighting system Inground Pools of Paradise also offers fiber optic lighting for your pool. The Fiberstar illumination 6000 series lighting system lines the edge of your pool and adds that extra notice factor to your pool.

  • Accommodates up to 500 fiber strands making it the most cost efficient fiber optic option on the market
  • Supervision power-style light sources are available in both master and slave models to provide for total synchronization in multiple unit installation
  • Available in white light 4 color and 8 color versions

Hayward Color Logic LED Lighting

IPOP offers the industry’s most advanced LED’s with Hayward’s color logic LED lighting system.

  • Five enticing fixed colors (deep blue sea, afternoon skies, emerald, sangria, and cloud white)
  • Seven electrifying color changing shows
  • The most advanced LED’s which last longer than halogen, metal halide or incandescent bulbs
  • Reduces the cost of illuminating your pool and spa by over 70% versus other lighting
  • Provides unmatched performance which mean less noise and service free operation (no moving parts)


Covers Standard Safety Covers

We all know that safety is key and with our safety covers you will not have to worry about your pet or children falling into the pool while unattended. These covers are simple but stylish and come in tan, blue, or green. And are offered with solid vinyl or mesh style material. To secure the safety cover, brass anchors are drilled into the concrete and the straps attach to the anchors. When the cover is not in use, the anchors are crewed flush into the concrete so you so have to worry about anyone tripping over them.

Automatic & manual safety covers.

Taking a safety cover on and off can be a lot of work. An option to this would be manual or automatic safety cover for your pool. These covers are built into the ground and run on tracks. With the manual safety cover, all you have to do is pull the cover to the other end. With the auto safety cover, it is a simple as turning a key and watch as your pool in uncovered in no time. The tracks and the housing for the cover can be set on top or built into the ground and pool to hide them from view.

Slides, Diving Boards and Other Sports Equipment

Inground Pools of Paradise offers a variety of diving boards, slides and other sports equipment, such as basketball back boards, volleyball nets from both SR Smith and Interfab. Visit SR Smith and Interfab’s website here.


Complete your pool with a slide from SR Smith or Interfab. Below are just a few of the slides we offer

Diving Boards

Inground Pools of Paradise offers a large variety of diving boards and stones for your large pool from both SR Smith and Interfab. Please keep in mind you must have a minimum of 8’ of deep end in order to have a diving board because of safety regulations. Click here to see the Viking pools mfg process. Find out about the lifetime warranty or return to the main pool models page.

Click here to see the Viking Pools manufacturing proces, find out about the lifetime warranty or return to the main Pool Models page.

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