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Our Dallas pool professionals are committed to offering the best in pool and spa design, installation and maintenance with many options including but not limited to, lighting, mosaics, tile inlays, custom finishes, decorative concrete and stonework, deck jets, sheer descents, cascades, various pool cover options and more. If you are looking for swimming pool builders in Dallas, Texas look no further. We service all Dallas and surrounding areas.

We are your one stop builder and there is no reason to look elsewhere. Our advanced composite pools or ACP are much stronger than gunnite (concrete) pools and can flex several inches while Inground without damage. Our non porous surface are much easier on knees and elbows, while not allowing algae and growth matter to harbor. Less dirt and scum lines and much easier to keep clean and maintain also less cleaning and no acid baths. Our quote will provide you with and include the following:

Necessary excavation building delivery and installation of the pool shell. Appropriate pump depending on pool size and features, a ladder, up to 40 tons of specific backfill material, per Viking specifications required for lifetime pool warranty. Installing the equipment pad, haul the dirt away or re-grade depending on the site, manual cleaning equipment, start up chemicals, LED lighting with remote control, Choice of sand or cartridge filter, auto chlorinator, 3 feet of concrete cantilevered decking completely around the pool, dewatering system, all necessary plumbing, skimmers, returns, anchors, cups, escutcheons, grading, and maintenance kit, for water temperature, cleaning and basic maintenance. Your quote will provide complete pricing with a personal backyard onsite design inspection. This will allow us to consider setbacks, easements, and access. This is all necessary information in providing a quote with accuracy and all inclusive pricing.

Our Difference

Why ACP construction?We are not just fiberglass. Our pool construction is 33% heavier in material alone than a fiberglass shell and is cored in ceramic which increases strength and enhances water resistance and helps to eliminate wicking, which would be backside infiltration. A pool built in Texas and built for Texas expansive soil conditions, which damages roads, home foundations, and anything in the way. Only Viking with closed beam construction provides more strength at the point of decking.

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